Embroidered Kurta Tunic


Color: Orange Multi
Product Details

In the summerhouse, eleven beautiful women drink cardamom tea. Chilled mangoes and papayas are served in silver bowls.

Fans whirl overhead.

I am hypnotized by the evening heat and slow, charming whispers of Hindi and polite Oxonian English. 

The woman, whose smile is incandescent, not merely practiced, finally meets my eyes. I wish to hurl myself across the room and land on my feet, calmly, perfectly, in front of her.

“Beautiful tunic,” I would say (hopefully embarrassed at my nervous lack of wit). 

Embroidered Kurta Tunic (No. J8274) in beautifully crisp 100% cotton. Split neckline. Straight hem with side slits. Allover multi-color embroidery with a charming patchwork effect. ¾-length sleeves. 

Utterly cool. Entirely self-possessed. Imported.