Embroidered Western Popover



Color: Sage
Product Details

A Good Year.

Day always begins first somewhere in the east. Gisborne, New Zealand, if not the first city of consequence to see the sun, is surely close enough. 

An invitation for New Year's Eve. My host has reserved the Ussco Bar and Bistro. The menu includes Cleveland coast oysters and beef biryani with raita, Vietnamese pancakes with roasted duck, and brioche crusted tarakihi. 

The party is a smashing success. Conversation flows as easily as the champagne. Early morning finds the entire party on Makorori Beach, waiting for the first sunrise of the new year. The gentleman next to me asks me to hold his champagne while he removes his tuxedo jacket. 

That shirt. Embroidered, vaguely wild West, vaguely bohemian. 

It's going to be a good year.

Embroidered Western Popover (No. J7245) in lightweight cotton voile with a bit of lace for character. Floral embroidery on front, collar, and sleeves. Lace detail at front. Elongated tuxedo-style cuffs with double button. Flat hem with elongated side vents. Shell buttons. Made in India.