English Umbrella


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English Umbrella.

In the past, we sold the Queen’s umbrella with the royal warrant. All due respect, it may not quite be worth the $460 price tag. So, we found one in the midlands, albeit made in Germany, in the same style. Perfectly made. Not overly expensive.

The shape (open) is domed which gives you more room to get under, and the 43” canopy diameter is very substantial. The acacia wood “smart” crook handle drapes effortlessly over the arm and looks very nice in the city with your short trench and French cuffs and cuff links. It also keeps you dry in the countryside while wearing less dapper apparel (it’s been tested).

The English Umbrella (No. J5195). 37” overall height. Black color (of course) with matching black protective sleeve. Decorative collars.

One size. Made in Germany.