Epiphany Tunic Set



Color: Rose Tan
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What Are You Doing Here?

Dipaka takes me to see her llamas as they drink water at the River Chili, outside Arequipa. It’s quiet here, except for the water rushing over the rocks. Powder blue sky stretches out for miles.

We take off our shoes and wade into the cool water. Dipaka wears a richly-embroidered tunic that almost vibrates with contentment—a confidence I haven’t seen in her before.

“Wow, it’s nice out here.”

“It is, JP, isn’t it?”

Who knew an MIT graduate, after a decade in mergers and acquisitions in New York, would buy a llama ranch in Peru?

Where will you end up after you figure it all out? Will you know?

I bet you’ll be wearing this, or something like it.


Epiphany Tunic Set (No. 7044). Luxuriously embroidered 100% cotton tunic and pant. Top has a keyhole back opening and hook and eye closure. Piping finishing. Embroidery at neckline and sleeve opening. Bottom has elastic and drawstring at waist. Imported.