Eyelet Sheath Dress



Color: Navy
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Bullfights in Spain.

The film is already dangerously over budget.

The bullfighter had been sequestered upon Frank's arrival to avoid a scene. They were both madly in love with her, and the note she had received (in secret) suggested the bullfighter might murder the crooner if given the chance. Spanish bullfighters are a heated, macho sort.

She adored the chaos.

Pretty was too lazy a descriptor for her. The looks and sultry voice are well documented. So too were the appetites. What stayed with people was her spirit. She laughed. Never thought she was too good. For someone so amazingly rakish, she was totally delightful.

Filming ended. Frank was gone. The bullfighter was left with nothing but the opus of stanzas he'd composed in her honor. Waving to her as she pulled away, he knew he'd never see her again. Was it all some incredible dream? He wasn't the first to ask.

Eyelet Sheath Dress (No. 6511). Golden era elegance. 100% cotton fit and flare dress that accentuates what should be. Knee length. Princess seams. Presented in an arresting navy. Unforgettable. Imported.

*Model is 5' 10" and is wearing a size 2.