Fair Isle Belted Cardigan



Color: Red Multi
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The Edge of the World.

Fair Isle. She steps off the ferry onto the most remote inhabited island in Britain (pop. 60). The last place one would go to be seen.

The point of it all. 

In the morning hours, she writes.

After lunch, she wanders past sea-battered cliffs toward South Lighthouse.

Wind in her hair. Wrapped in a cardigan with a pattern that is unmistakably of this place.

She stop to absorb the quiet that’s not entirely quiet (the waves, the wind) yet somehow settles her soul.  

The Vikings called the island Fridarey, which translates to isle of peace.

Every day here, she understands a little more.

Fair Isle Belted Cardigan (No. 7103) in gloriously vivid and distinctive colorways—the hallmark of Fair Isle patterns. Created from a sumptuous blend of cashmere, Merino wool, nylon, and an anti-pilling acrylic to keep your sweater looking like new. Decorated gold-toned metal shank buttons. Intriguing faux leather belt in black and red with real mahogany beads at end. Ribbed piping finishing. Imported.