Film Noir Cigarette Pants



Color: Black
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Film Noir.

Why do we spend whole days watching old films when we can watch them in full, wondrous color?

I think it has something to do with the mood created by infinite gradations of gray, silver, and beige. Light and shadow. How black isn't just black, white not just white.

The mind fills in the absence of color. It worked out (unforgettably) well for Garbo and Gable, Bacall and Dietrich.

"I would like to have seen you on the screen in black and white," he tells you.

"Aren't you clever," you say.

Film Noir Cigarette Pants (No. 6445). Famously slimming cropped cigarette pant in a seasonally perfect cotton blend with a bit of stretch. You've seen these on Audrey, to grand effect. Small side vents at hem. Hidden hook and bar closure. Zip front. Ineffably chic.Imported.