Flannel Marie Antoinette Tunic



Color: Butterscotch
Product Details

What Marie Antoinette Wore to Bed.

(Seasonally-perfect flannel.)


Marie Antoinette had everything. But Versailles suffocated her. She hated the acres of ormolu, miles of mirrors, armies of flatterers. She yearned for something else; she yearned for innocence.

This simple nightshirt epitomizes Marie Antoinette’s dream of innocence.

Innocent it is. Pure cotton flannel (the best there is). Warm, almost impossibly cozy. Ivory faux shell buttons. Bracelet length sleeves. Four button placket. Band collar.


Sleep in it, walk along beaches in it, visit a secluded meadow in it. Imported.
Flannel Marie Antoinette Tunic (No. J7062).