Annabelle's Floral Cardigan



Color: Earthy Floral
Product Details

Annabelle in London.

Sometimes a certain mood takes over. She doesn't want fuchsia or cobalt, not even yellow (and yellow is her favorite). 

"I need colors to speak softly at times," Annabelle explains. ìNot a whisper, but nothing close to a bold declaration, either.î

I think I get where she' going. 

I promise her a sweater for days when her mood is measured in stacks of vinyl on the turntable. (Nothing from the last 30 years and nothing over 65 bpm.) 

Not camouflage, no, but a way of standing out without saying too much. 

With a bit of 1960s mod girl turning heads on Carnaby Street thrown in.

She tells me I got it exactly right.  

Annabelle's Floral Cardigan (No. 7276). Classic crewneck cardigan style with an earthy but subdued 1960s floral pattern woven through soft, breathable 100% cotton. Faux mother-of-pearl buttons. Finished seams. Ribbed neckline and cuffs. Imported.