Floral Fringe Skirt



Color: Yellow Paisley
Product Details

Mocambo Club.

Just in from Havana with your polo-playing friend for a few days in L.A.... already you’re being invited to the newest hot spot.

“Mocambo Club, it’s better than the Copa. Cockatoos and macaws in glass cages along the walls. Mr. Mayer loves the place.”

Cockatoos? Sounds like a reach, but it should be fun, and you’ve got the skirt to wear. The real thing.

Show them how it’s done.

Floral Fringe Skirt (No. 7442). Intriguing fringe skirt created from luxe double georgette. Dramatic hand-knotted fringe trim moves with you and just slightly after (the effect is utterly alluring, and the asymmetric handkerchief hem adds to the theatre of it). Princess darts for flattering fit.  The skirt's double layer creates an extra layer of fringe at bottom. Poly lining. Zipper on wearer's left side. Imported.