Floral Georgette Dress

Floral Georgette Dress

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No. 6380
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Color: Burgundy Floral

Floral Georgette Dress

Regular price $388.00 $59.00


It all comes down to what a woman is willing to divulge.

One eternal power women possess, lies in what they reveal or deny, share or withhold, with just the lift of an eyebrow, an intake of breath or a sigh. A dozen inflections of hmm that mean a dozen different things. It may be days or weeks or years before we catch on.

This is complicated business.

Certain information, though, you offer up freely. What you wear can clue us in to your outlook on the day. Whether it’s all business, no nonsense, or if you’re feeling like Friday on a Tuesday or like Paris in New York.

This dress offers hints all over the place.

The delicious (but not overly exuberant) floral print, the flounce and flutter, the lighthearted winsomeness on display.

I can’t speak for all men, but this kind of inside information is priceless.

Floral Georgette Dress (No. 6380). Long-sleeve dress in 100% polyester georgette. Gorgeous blue and white floral print against burgundy background. Sheer overlay over full lining. Above-the-knee length. The wide waistband trims and accentuates. High neckline with V-cutout that’s exceptionally flattering. Ruffles at the hem for dramatic movement. Imported.