Floral Lace Sweater

Floral Lace Sweater

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Floral Lace Sweater

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Sweaters and Lace.

Lace came about in the early 1500s. Governments argued over who created it first…Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the usual suspects. Was it the Venetian nuns? Who can say.

The wives of Guernsey fisherman knitted the first sweaters in the 15th century so their husbands had something to keep them warm at sea. These garments were sturdy. The opposite of delicate. No one argued over who stitched the first sweater (although the wives of Jersey fisherman might take umbrage).

So, while the sweater was globally underappreciated and not nearly as high-brow or coveted as lace, it’s the sweater that makes this particular lace stand out.

In fact, we call this whimsical piece of flower power a Floral Lace Sweater (No. 5953), because the entire back is a 100% cotton sweater knit.

The front is a lively array of cotton, daisy-patterned lace lined in a sultry cotton voile, completed with scalloped lace at the sleeve openings and front sweep.

We’ve left the three-quarter-length sleeves unlined, and combined with the boat neckline and way the pullover-style fits your body, the sweater achieves an element of allure the Venetian nuns might deem scandalous but the Guernsey wives and their husbands would find quite lively and charming. Imported.