Floral Print Maxi Skirt


Color: Ivory Purple
Product Details

The Power of Positive Flirting.


The impulse to flirt is inborn, which is a good thing.

Social life without flirtation would be a bowl of very dull porridge indeed.

May I suggest an organic approach? Start by putting on this skirt.

The gentle motion of the chiffon fabric draws attention, stirs imagination. Life warms up without bursting into flames. Lines of communication just tend to open naturally.

True flirtation isn’t a preliminary, it’s a preliminary to a preliminary.


Floral Print Maxi Skirt (No. J8129) Delicate ivory and purple floral print on luxurious viscose chiffon. Three lush tiers of ruffles. Lined in rayon challis. Maxi length. Invisible side zip. Imported.