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Color: Orange
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1898. A touchdown changes from four points to five, with an extra point for the “drop kick.”

1904. A field goal changes from five points to four.

1921. Touchdowns now count for six points.

1939. Helmets (at last) become mandatory in the National Football League.

The American football jersey goes through some changes through the years, too. In the early days, uniforms weren’t much more than a unifying color the teammates agreed to wear. Navy, black, or brown. Wool jerseys and canvas pants, to offer protection and durability.

But there's durability and then there's the drive to win...

To gain any advantage possible, players began to add strips of canvas, leather, or moleskin to their jersey to prevent fumbling. Those strips were advertised as “Stickup Cloth” or “Snugtex.”

You see something like that here, in the engineered stripes on the arms. No one ever said that what's functional can't look good, too.

Football Jersey (No. 6737). Heavyweight rugby jersey. Flatlock stitching and flat hem. Ribbed at cuffs and collar. Vintage style yoke detail. Herringbone tape at back neck. Imported.