French Band Collar Work Jacket



Color: Navy
Product Details

In the Service of Gumption.

If you were in the military, theyíd issue you your field jacket. Civilian manhood also requires a jacket. This. 

For raking and bagging things.

Driving the skid steer.

Digging holes with a shovel and a heap of gumption.

Looking as if you donít need to hire someone to build the wood shed, or change the oil in your 1971 Riviera. Itís no-nonsense in town too, for negotiating with the tax assessor or drinking a pint at the Station Bar.

French Band Collar Work Jacket (No. 7280). Unique early 20th century French work jacket design in 100% premium Japanese 9 oz. cotton twill. Vintage metal shank button. Band collar. Welt chest pocket. Adjustable back belt. Reinforced shoulder. Drop shoulder construction. A rare French artisans jacket used by artists and auteurs alike. By street cleaners, wood workers, sculptors, etc. in early 20th-century industrial France. Imported.