Leather French Dispatch Jacket


Color: Dark Coffee
Product Details

The Dispatch Rider.


The outlook is bleak. Deliver the “vital” message to the 2nd Infantry commander before the enemy reaches the Franco-Belgian border.

The torrential downpour has destroyed most of the roads, and the ones that are still negotiable are like quicksand. You remove the fenders so the caked-on mud has some place to release; it pelts your arms, head, and neck like shrapnel. If the bomb from the blitzing doesn’t blow you up, the crater left by the one thirty minutes prior will swallow you whole.

Head on a swivel, Corporal.

And remember, you volunteered for this.


Leather French Dispatch Jacket (No. J7814). Double-breasted dispatch jacket in first-rate cow leather shell with a distressed patina. You’ll find that messengers, motorists, riders and even flyers wore similar, and incredibly stylish, coats. Substantial wool and cotton glen plaid lining throughout body and inside pockets. Sleeves lined in Cervotessille viscose cotton. Rugged cotton corduroy lining in exterior handwarmer pockets. Leather knot buttons at center front and cuffs. Belted back. The fit is somewhere between a car coat and a peacoat. Imported.