French Film Star Travel Dress



Color: Navy
Product Details

François and Catherine.

It was a game they always played.

He pretends it’s completely impossible to get ready, on a moment’s notice, to fly off for a reshoot that was his idiot cameraman’s fault.

She pretends to agree.

She gets off the plane pretending she doesn’t look beautiful.

He pretends to be surprised that she is.

She pretends to be surprised that he is surprised.

French Film Star Travel Dress (No. 2532). Low maintenance dress for high maintenance stars. Packs a high degree of glamour in the most flattering silhouette ever. Made from a silky jersey knit with a little spandex. Ties at waist. Lower calf length. V-shape crossover front neckline. Shaping princess lines. Three quarter sleeve. Flowing full sweep.

“Reservations are at nine, Catherine.”

“Could you make that at ten, you know… ”

You might wear this, if you only just travel as far as the corner. Imported.