Galata Maxi Skirt



Color: Black Orange
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Istanbul, 1975.

My second trip to Istanbul.

Her back is toward me in the Caferağa Medresesi. She's negotiating the price of an Anatolian rug. The vendor puts up a good-natured defense and, in the end, she gets the price she wanted and so does he.

I admire her dexterity, but it’s her skirt that has my attention.

The colors could have easily been pulled from the sunset view I took in each morning near the Galata Bridge.

Cerulean. Tangerine. Marigold. An exquisite combination I was never quite able to shake from memory.

You see it here.

Galata Maxi Skirt (No. 6828). Effusively-pleated maxi skirt in a silk/rayon blend with lustrous hand feel. Satin finishing. Back elastic waistband makes it a comfortable travel skirt. Imported.