Garam Masala Caftan


Color: Orange Pink Ikat
Product Details

Garam Masala.


Whatever else India is about, which is a lot, it is about color.

Brilliant, energizing color everywhere.

Bombay’s main spice market was located a dozen blocks from the
little fabric shop where I found this. But even at that distance, it appeared to be exerting a discernible influence.

The rich colors here are like garam masala, mixed spices cooked together to make them mellow, instead of raw.

The fabric feels mellow, too. Soft, silky, flowing. Won’t “catch in your throat,” as your dear old mataji would say.


Garam Masala Caftan (No. J8267). Ankle length cut of delicious 100% viscose, cut generously to keep moving over your skin. V-neck. Side pockets. Long side slits to reveal the one uniformly great part of every woman’s leg. Made in India.