Gatsby Pants

Gatsby Pants

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Gatsby Pants

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Fabric Content: 100% LinenCare Instructions: Dry Clean Only.

"You Always Look So Cool."

—The Great Gatsby (1925).

When Tom Buchanan heard his wife Daisy say that Gatsby looked cool, even he realized something funny was going on.

Indiscreet of her, but understandable. Gatsby didlook cool.

Certainly much cooler (in the purely modern sense) than when he first wanders into our view, years earlier, a young beach bum in a torn sweater and old canvas clamdiggers.

Yes, Gatsby had not only gotten himself new shirts, but very spiffy new pants. Thesepants. The man had totally reinvented himself, just as we all are still free to do.

It's a wonderful country.

Gatsby Pants (No. 5672). Soft, lightweight linen in rich yarn-dyed colors, cool in every way. Tailored with requisite pockets, suspender buttons as well and belt loops. Cut full, as Gatsby wished them to be. Imported.