Gingham Western Shirt



Color: Blue White
Product Details

Austin to Cody

“Well if I wanted to go around town unnoticed, I wouldn't carry that around with me.”

— Dr. E. W. Hostetler, The Shootist

Before you do up the snaps on this shirt, you should consider your intentions. If going around town unnoticed is your aim, pick a different shirt. 

You agree to certain terms and conditions when you wear a snap shirt. A set of skills that may or may not include rope and saddles and the wherewithal to build a decent campfire. 

Boots with a few scuffs. A guitar in the corner.

A stack of spaghetti Western soundtracks on the turntable. Companeros or The Forgotten Pistolero. 

Out West style in Italian dobby gingham from the Monti Mill. Works from Austin to Cody.

A man wears certain things to say what he means even if he never says a word.

Gingham Western Shirt (No. 6663). Hard-wearing construction with an iconic Western yoke detail. Snap front shirt style. Off-center snap chest pockets made famous by McQueen in Baby, the Rain Must Fall. Imported.