Gold Coast Shirt



Color: Red Earth
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  1. Gold Coast, Queensland.

You walk out from the hinterland, down through dense forest to one of the pale sand beaches that make up the Gold Coast. The Aborigines refer to the area as Kurrungal, for the abundance of hardwood they used to make boomerangs. (The first boomerangs in Australia date back more than 20,000 years.)

Set down your pack, peel off your clothes. Wade into sapphire water and sink below the surface. 

Tough to improve upon a swim, mid-arvo (afternoon; “ah-vo") under such sublime conditions.

Emerge, dry off. Unroll this featherweight, perfectly cool shirt from your pack. Ready (or not) to boomerang back into society.

Gold Coast Shirt (No. 6987). Hints of military flare upgrade this cotton shirt to a true outback staple. Beige 2-hold shell buttons. 100% cotton European featherweight dobby with subtle stripe texture. Two patch-and-flap pleated chest pockets. Sewn-in epaulets on shoulders. Shirt hem. An Aussie’s outback shirt. Made in Portugal.