Gurkha Pants


Color: British Khaki
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Pants of Glory

Of all the statues along Whitehall in London (technically, the heart of the British Empire), my favorite is the sturdy Gurkha Soldier.

He stands on permanent guard outside the Ministry of Defense, rifle in hand, hat at a jaunty angle. “Bravest of the brave,” reads the memorial inscription, and it’s true; Gurkha regiments in service to Britain have won a remarkable 26 Victoria Crosses for courage under fire.

I can’t promise that stepping into his pants will make a person more intrepid, but the way they look is a nudge in the right direction.

Gurkha Pants (No. J6582). A full-length version of the tropical issue shorts, "Khaki Drill, 1949 Pattern" worn by these fearsome Nepalese recruits. Washed-down cotton, generous cut, four big pockets and distinctive slimming cummerbund waistband with buckles and adjustment straps. (Originally an economy measure [fewer sizes needed] that could be tightened when troops lost weight in the field, now good [for the opposite reason] on gastronomic campaigns). Imported.

*Model is 6' 1" and is wearing a size 32 pant.