Halcyon Goggles


Product Details

Halcyon Goggles (No. J6038). Highly polished brass frames supporting split lenses in an antique brown leather face mask. The elasticized band and knurled brass nose adjustments ensure a perfect fit. The flat leather nose cover makes them foldable for easy storage in your pocket. Even if your adventures rarely require such equipment, just looking at these on your bookshelf, they’ll assume you raced alongside “Mushman” through the Mojave. Antique Brown Leather with Polished Brass. 

Most prescription lenses can be accommodated with the Halcyon lens frame by your optician (+6 to -6 lenses).

  • Goggle size – 19cm Width x 9cm Height
  • One size fit all – Fully adjustable headband (Lined with silicone strips for extra grip) & suitable for wearing over open-faced helmets
  • Real leather facemask – Hand stitched over soft foam for added comfort
  • Tough poly-carbonate lenses – Shatterproof/ scratch resistant and 99.9% UV protected; Meets Safety Institution Standards (BSI – BS4110)
  • Goggle frames – Highly polished, solid brass frames for the unique, stylish look

Made in England.