High Stakes Pique Dress Shirt



Color: Light Blue
Product Details


There's something suspiciously easy about this shirt. From across the room, you might mistake it for one of the other shirts you wear for getting things done.

The spread collar, the all-business demeanor… Fundamental pieces of your DNA.

Still, the Italian knit piqué is a surprise. Can a work shirt feel as comfortable and fresh at 6 p.m. as it did at 6 a.m.? Suddenly, you feel understood.

This isn't a compromise, and it's not the opposite of anything. Not too casual. Not too formal. Has all the same gravitas as your other dress shirts but none of the starch.

The unique one-piece collar design is engineered to keep the collar standing sharp. Looking sharp.

When style looks this deceptively simple, some might say the stakes are lower, but they're wrong.

High Stakes Piqué Dress Shirt (No. 6652). Made from 105-gram 100% cotton woven in Italy. Textured piqué fabric gives character and a unique tactile quality. Painstakingly considered fit. Shell buttons. Cord piping at center back neck for a pop of contrast. If you absolutely must wear a tie, the spread collar looks best with a full or half Windsor. Imported.