Color: Natural
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This wonderful contraption is only for people over 40, or under.

Made of basswood slats and tough, natural canvas duck, its only role in life is to support your back properly.

The way it holds you is like a hug, and like all hugs, it will make you feel good. If your back hasn’t felt good for the last 19 years, this thing will make you feel very, very good. And surprised it took so long.

Roll it up and carry it under your arm. Room to room. House to car to office. For reading, driving, concerts; and staring across the pond at that stand of maples there and marveling at how really well designed the human back is, after all. Made in USA.

Howdaseat (No. 2266).


Height: 15.5” Width: 16”, Slat Width: 1.5” Side Strap Width: 1”   

Canvas Ends Width: 3”; Canvas Middle Section Width: 6”

Weighs 4 lbs


Made from American Basswood and 100% Cotton Canvas end covers.

14 wooden slats for great back support, fold and rolls up easily and holds up to 300 lbs