Ikat Print Caftan



Color: Red Navy Check
Product Details

Sometime After 600 B.C.

One could confidently assume that the caftan was, from the beginning, nearly effortless to wear and certainly always comfortable, but when did the caftan become so chic?

Perhaps with Czarina Alexandra circa 1908.

Or on Liz any time after 1964.

On every stylish woman from the Côte d'Azur to Charleston to Chelsea.

Breathable, comfortable, airy, and devastatingly chic. I can’t think of another piece of clothing that looks (and feels) so splendid everywhere, anywhere, on any figure.

Red Navy Ikat Print Caftan (No. 6467) woven in a lavish Ikat print in rich shades of blue, with contrasting blue interfacing at hem, neck, and arm. Contrasting belt can be tied at waist or left off entirely. Imported.