Indigo Popover



Color: Indigo
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Mood Indigo.

You ain't been blue,
Till you've had that mood indigo...
—Duke Ellington

Over 5000 years ago, the ancient civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro cultivated indigofera tinctoria along the banks of the Indus River. Through a painstaking process, they fermented the leaves of the plant to create a vivid blue cake-like powder.

They were farmers, but they were also savvy merchants and traded their rare and highly-prized indigo for gold and jade from Mesopotamia, Persia and Crete. As early as the second and third centuries, the Greeks discovered this brilliant blue and called the blue cakes of indigo "indikon," meaning "from India."

Eventually, the word evolved into "indigo" in English. For another thousand years, indigo would only reach Europe by way of overland trade routes. It was so rare and coveted, it came to be known as blue gold.

The dyeing process may be different these days, but the effect is still perfectly moody. Wonderful, isn't it?

Indigo Popover (No. 6555). Vibrant tunic-length popover in 100% cotton. Figure-charming curved shirttail hem. Fabric is finished in a rich Sashiko texture, which was traditionally created by applying white thread to indigo-dyed fabric. Four dyed-to-match polyurethane buttons. Polo collar. Two front patch pockets. Imported.