Ingenue Blouse



Color: Hunter Green
Product Details


They’re filming down on Ludlow.

The ingenue isn’t working out. Struggling with her lines. Lost all the old-era charm that landed her the part.

You walk through the set, totally unaware, wearing your high-waisted pants and this, channeling the ingenues from days past who made pants and shirts look better on women than men.

You can’t be bothered. Too focused. Need your coffee. You’re talking to yourself. Gesturing wildly. Getting your “lines” right. If you’re going to dress down the brass, you need to know your stuff. You take a breath. Composed. Ready for the showdown.

You feel a tap on your shoulder—a production assistant.

“Hello. Mr. Scott would like to meet you.”

You see a group of people under a tent, surrounded by monitors, smiling like giddy children. Oh dear. This could be interesting. First, let’s see how that meeting goes.

Ingenue Blouse (No. 6201). Get discovered. Statement-making with the neck ties that hang down the front (faux lapel-like). Crafted of luxe silk crepe de chine. Three pleats down the center front. Flattering bust darts. Adjustable sleeve cuff. Real shell buttons. Fully lined. Imported.