Isabella's Lace Hem Dress

Isabella's Lace Hem Dress

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Isabella's Lace Hem Dress

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The secret to a dramatic exit lies in the setup. Isabella knew this.

The entire party, some suspected, was orchestrated to serve the moment when she would leave it (her own fête), with all eyes on her.

The Duke was likely in on it. The bandleader surely played a part. Even the crostini looked complicit.

When she floated down the marble staircase and paused at the landing—suitcase in one hand and hatbox in the other—every head swiveled.

She chose black, naturally, this luscious frock with a flirty sheer overlay and a coquettish band of lace at the hem. Film-star beguiling. She waited five beats longer (three, two, one…) for full effect and then descended into the crowd.

This was no less than theater.

“I’m off, then! Bonsoir!” as she swept out the front door and vanished into a waiting car. The swirl of lace around her legs was the last thing anyone saw of her for a month.

Exactly as she’d planned it.

Isabella’s Lace Hem Dress (No. 6181). Illusion scoop neckline with a sweetheart neckline on the underlayer. Ruched shoulder straps. Theatrical velvet belt at the waist with a pre-tied bow in back (now that you understand its mission, you know it’s not purely decorative). Enchanting scalloped floral lace at hem. Imported.