Italian German's Leather Jacket

Italian German's Leather Jacket

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Color: Mahogany

Italian German's Leather Jacket

Regular price $598.00 $449.00

Lacking Demarcation.

I know I'm interested in someone's jacket when all I can think about is what it will take for my jacket to look like his jacket. The equation is something along the lines of (months + miles traveled) ÷ authorities evaded =charisma.

The accent was German but a tad sing-songy. He was off to Sterzing/Vipiteno (most just say Sterzing). I discovered that this is Italy's northern-most city. An alpine town. Good skiing. Great yogurt. Was actually part of Austria until the end of WWI. There, 75% of the "Italians" speak German first.

The details were as follows…

The Italian German's Leather Jacket (No. 6048). You'll have to apply the equation to get his patina, but there are more immediate finer points. First, the zip-out mock neck collar and front bib with zipper closure gives extra warmth but is most intriguing when left open and unzipped. The collar is removable if you want a more traditional sport coat look.

Next is the color—a rich, lustrous mahogany lambskin. You clearly swim in an elevated tax bracket. Has a nice tailored fit, courtesy of the many shaping seams and darts. More than enough pockets. Fully lined in a matching regal paisley pattern. Imported.