Lady Gaucho's Skirt



Color: Cream
Product Details

The Lady Gaucho.

Her father was a gaucho and his father before that. Her two brothers are gauchos. Certainly, she should be one too. After all, she could ride better than they. There was one problem—women weren’t supposed to be gauchos.

After a day of watching her drive the cattle over the undulating joroba ridge without the use of a lasso—a passé relic—we sit down to meal of wild boar, polenta, and red wine. The lassos might be gone but at least the meat and vino endure.

Not unrecognizable from her earlier fringed poncho and bombacha’d self, but she’s wearing this skirt now. Powerful and alluring. More feminine than her workwear. But after today, I’m wondering what that word even means.

I do know this—she’s no ordinary gaucho.

Lady Gaucho’s Skirt (No. 6010). Sensual, wild, mysterious. 100% linen. Flounce starts at the front faux wrap and continues around the sweep. Low-calf length. Zipper closure at left. Lined in cotton. Over the weekend, the skirt remained her article of choice; it was paired with a sweater, a tank top, and on Sunday, a billowing button down. Imported.