Celestial Skirt



Color: Red White
Product Details

Your Night in Fiji.


Dancing with him on the beach.

Away from the man-made lights. Away from the Shangri-La. Away from the rugby team’s Cibi war dance (although he liked that a lot).

Ocean waves fill your ears. He has you close.

The night sky is alive with celestial lights. You’ve heard about it. You came here to see it. The dancing makes it even easier to see.

The mysterious glow of Magellanic Clouds and silver star clusters capture your eyes as he watches you.

He will say, “I never knew you could dance… like that.”

Celestial Skirt (No. 3660). 95% rayon and 5% spandex give it a little stretch for a great fit. Midnight sky navy background with tiny pinpoint white dots. Dramatic wide ruched elastic waistband. Sensuous and comfortable at the same time. When worn with matching blouse, it becomes a dress, and you become irresistible. Midcalf length. Or you can enlist it with another top for another day. Imported.