Flutter Sleeve Dress



Color: Black
Product Details

On Things That Flutter.

“Aspen leaves. Curtains. Butterflies.”

“You’re talking nonsense.”

“Sails. Rose petals…”

“Now you’re reaching.”

“Darling, we’re losing the light. Let’s see... Oh, yes. Hearts.”

“Go back to butterflies, and please do try to hold still.”

“I wasn’t made for holding still.”

It becomes suddenly blindingly obvious. You were always meant for motion pictures, not portraits. Stage, not statue. My mistake. Go on, then. Do what you were always meant to do.

Stir the air.

The Flutter Sleeve Dress (No. 5585). Pleated flutter sleeve adorns this classic silk A-line to create the slightest bit of motion as you walk or dance. 100% silk. Wide, flattering waistband. Upper-calf length, invisible back zipper, fully lined. Add our captivating Victorian Lace Choker, and you’re instantly ready for your close-up. Imported.