LC Frock-Style Suede Jacket

LC Frock-Style Suede Jacket

Regular price $398.00 $239.00
No. 5636
Color: Camel

LC Frock-Style Suede Jacket

Regular price $398.00 $239.00
Fabric Content: 100% Leather.Care Instructions: Dry clean by professional leather specialist only.

Modern (Doc) Holliday.

Most people don't know that Doc Holliday was a practicing dentist (the "Doc" part) and only killed one or two people in gunfights. He was also wickedly intelligent and assumed he could avoid scrapes by building a reputation.

Look the part.

Back it up if necessary.

There is some Old West DNA in this jacket. Genuine suede, for one, has a rawness to it. Looks minimally processed. As if you might have made it yourself if you learned the trade. Yet it's impeccably soft and luxurious.

This jacket is also longer than the average sport coat. More like a western frock. It approaches the knee but stops several inches above it. A look made famous by men like Doc. Contrast this Old West DNA with a modern collar, cut, and lapels, and you've got something…very cosmopolitan.

Frock-Style Suede Jacket (No. 5636). Soft and supple genuine goat suede. Wear it with a cashmere hoodie (see below), a collared shirt and tie, or even a T-shirt. Three faux-horn button front. Convertible notch collar with tab and button closure under collar. Three exterior front pockets and three interior pockets. Two-button detail at back with inverted box pleats below.Imported.

Pairs well with The Grown Man Hoodie (No. 5644).