It's Your Moment Blouse



Color: Gold
Product Details

Playing Dress Up.

When you were young, you’d sneak into your incredibly fashionable mother’s closet and stake your claim, showering yourself in luxurious silk satin, dangling pearls, and impossibly high-heeled shoes that you could barely remain upright in. You’d parade around the boudoir, head held high, pretending you were smoking a cigarette or holding a martini (or both). You’d say things like, “Yes, of course, Mercedes, the pool will be ready by Labor Day. It’s Olympic size, don’t you know,” and, “You haven’t heard? He’s gone and left her for that two-bit starlet.”

Naturally, these would be uttered in your best English accent. You’d hang this exquisite blouse and skirt back up in exactly the same fashion you found them. Not even a wrinkle or crease was out of place. You’d go back to your room and dream of the day when you wouldn’t have to play pretend, the day when the entrance was yours, and yours alone, to make.


It’s Your Moment Blouse (No. 5826). Glamourous fitted sleeveless blouse in pure silk satin. Mock neckline. The back collar, which opens to a v-shape, is secured with three eye- catching antique brass and gold jewel buttons. Front princess seams and back-shaping darts. Bra keepers. Fully lined. Knock-out ready. Imported.


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