Lace Pencil Skirt



Color: Ivory
Product Details
Above and Below.

The establishment has attempted to impose its will on your self-expression.

Public school dress codes.

Appropriate workplace attire.

What you’re allowed to wear to a wedding.

Nothing has been more hotly contested than the cloth devised to enclose a woman’s legs.

The Union Bank of Switzerland says the length of its employees’ skirts should hit the middle of the knee exactly.

In the 1960s skirt length was judged by yardsticks and kneeling length.

Since mystery never goes out of style, the art of concealing has always trumped revealing.

To a degree.

This pencil skirt, by design and operation, follows your curves with unreasonable attention down to the mid-calf, shaping the contours of a woman’s most intriguing attributes.

While the shape and snug fit may not adhere to certain dress codes, the length is a matter of debate.

It is indeed a modest mid-calf length but it is also cut above the knee, with the lace below being see-through.

It is a wolf in floral pattern lace.

An intelligent rule breaker.

The Lace Pencil Skirt (No. 4945). Mid-calf nylon lace lined to above the knee in a stretch poly spandex knit. Waistband is same stretch knit fabric as lining. French seam finishes on lace overlay. Fitting darts below waistband at front and back. Vent at center back sweep. Imported.