Necktie Lace Jacket



Color: Silver
Product Details

Your Move.

Double Windsor. Single Windsor. Doesn't matter. No one is looking at the tie or the knot, not really.

Is it the lace that has their attention? Is it just the lace?

Anyone with a pulse in this room is plotting his (or her) next move.

Graydon asks to see your first edition of Finnegan's Wake(he's seen it twice already).

Isobel wants you to decide between the Malbec or the Syrah (just pour something, darling). And Steven's subtle lift of an eyebrow points you toward the roof deck (okay, he's got your attention).

You run the satin tie through your fingers and consider your next move.

Necktie Lace Jacket (No. 5834). Luxury meets comfort in this relaxed-fit lace jacket.

Reveals some, hints at the rest. Soft, cotton blend floral-patterned lace with alluring satin collar that ties at center front neckline. Devastating in its effect. Wear it with a white tank top and jeans or, like tonight, with a silky camisole and velvet pants. Open front placket. Satin facing at sleeve opening. Shoulder yoke with gathered detail below. Imported.