LC Remember Blouse

LC Remember Blouse

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No. 4210
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Color: Purple

LC Remember Blouse

Regular price $119.00 $59.00

Admit it, You're Smiling.

Yes, it’s all about the silk.

How it feels against your skin in the cold air. Remember when you used to dress in it? Or how you used to love bolder colors? Taking sides? Remember when you were closer to those friends who sometimes drank too much and said too much (but were always fun)?

From time to time, you do occasionally wonder what became of them (and you). Here’s your chance. Meet them for dinner wearing this.

Some know how to find it again. Some don’t.

You just did.

Remember Blouse (No. 4210). Proprietary silk-cotton blend. Copper poplin trim at collar, cuffs and placket. Shiny gold buttons at center front (eight) and cuffs (two). Imported.