LC Scottish Kilt
LC Scottish Kilt

LC Scottish Kilt

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No. 5284
Color: Black Watch

LC Scottish Kilt

Regular price $429.00 $254.00

Fabric Content: 100% Wool. Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only. Sizing:

The Queen's Own.

At Waterloo, with French musket fire surrounding him, Piper Kenneth Mackay moved outside the protection of the 79th's regimental square, a move his countrymen surely thought was a death sentence. However, as he played Cogathd na Sithd on his pipes, the musket fire from Napoleon's Imperial Guard somehow missed. Galvanized by the historic tune, his comrades pressed on.

The Duke of Wellington's army, consisting of British (two-thirds Scottish, Welsh and Irish), Germans, Dutch, and Belgians, and a sizable Prussian force that was allowed to catch up to the battle due largely to Napoleon's hesitation gaff, overwhelmed the French Army with an onslaught of massive firepower. The rest, as they say, is history.

For formal affairs all over the world, we must never forget that real men definitely, defiantly, and distinguishably wear kilts. I recently wore my black watch dress to a formal affair assuming I'd be the only contrarian. Much to my surprise, there was a like-minded sophisticate in his black watch as well. That's why we're carrying the Royal Stewart too.

Scottish Kilt (No. 5284). 100% worsted wool with Teflon coating for stain resistance. Lining is 7 oz 100% cotton twill. Dagger pin included. Straps are premium top grade leather embossed with Celtic knot pattern. Fabric from Scotland, made in Pennsylvania.

Colors: Black Watch Tartan, Royal Stewart Tartan.

Men's sizes: Actual measurements on the strap when the kilt is worn ABOVE the belly button. Good rule of thumb is to add 2" to your pant size.

Small: 32" to 36.5"

Medium: 36" to 40.5"

Large: 40" to 44.5"

X-Large: 44" to 48.5"

XX-Large: 48" to 52.5"

Men Size Chart

SML 34 14 1/2 34 26
36 15 36 28
MED 38 15 1/2 38 30
40 16 40 32
LG 42 16 1/2 42 34
44 17 44 36
XL 46 17 1/2 46 38
48 18 48 40
XXL 50 18 1/2 50 42
52 19 52 44