LC Trend-Setting Zip-Up Blazer

LC Trend-Setting Zip-Up Blazer

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No. 5710
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Color: Navy

LC Trend-Setting Zip-Up Blazer

Regular price $395.00 $294.00

Trend Setting.

Today, trends are concocted, created in a factory by handlers, CEOs, talent agents, and marketing departments. You think you discover something on your own, when, in fact, it was designed specifically for you, in a lab, by bots.

We zipped through the streets of London in search of inspiration. To the Tube. To Piccadilly Circus. Met the master-at-arms (and his stuffed cat) at the Zetter Townhouse Lounge. Rambled through the Ripper's old stomping grounds of Whitechapel.

We kept our eyes and ears open.

And took some notes.

Trend-Setting Zip-Up Blazer (No. 5710). Seen (and heard being zipped) on the streets of London. Luxurious Italian wool and cashmere blend fabric. Two-way zip-up feature in front but also has striking marbled buttons for going analogue. Exceptionally well-tailored. Wear with jeans and a tee or a tie and waistcoat. Contrasting genuine suede under-collar with two-button collar band for wind guard option. Four exterior pockets (one with zipper). Five interior pockets for the essentials.

The question isn't where you'll wear this, it's where won't you. Imported.