Leather Skirt



Color: Tan
Product Details

Animal Magnetism.

Is there a current of subtle energy that runs through everything, including you and me? Can it be manipulated to produce an enlivening effect?

Dr. Franz Mesmer thought so.

His “animal magnetism” sessions won quite a following in the 1780s (Marie-Antoinette was a great fan) until Lavoisier and Ben Franklin wrote it all off as bunk.

Personally, I think Mesmer was onto something. At a slightly dull party, your entrance in this skirt sets ripples moving out through the psychic ether. People can’t put their finger on it, exactly, but they feel something.

Only a bold few actually come out and say it:

“May I touch that skirt?”

Mesmerize them.

Mesmerizing Leather Skirt (No. 6886). Sleek six-panel leather skirt in 100% Italian lambskin. Classic A-line shape with flattering high waist. Falls to calf. Invisible side zipper. Looks splendid with boots or heels in rooms from Aspen to Aix-en-Provence. Imported.