Legendary Blouson Dress



Color: Coral
Product Details

Fabric contents: 100% silk shell, 100% polyester lining. Care Instructions: dry clean only.

Who. Is. That?

She was wearing Claudette's favorite color which sent the sycophants scurrying like ants. The audacity! The nerve! That shade of coral pink was off limits. If she didn't know then it was clear she didn't know Claudette. In that case, how did she get in?

Everyone assumed she knew someone else. Was it true? Perhaps. Her outgoing nature had the minions in shambles. It was a genius strategy and undeniably effective.

By 8:30 p.m. none of it mattered. Everyone liked her. Claudette, especially.

Consider the facts: 100% silk crepe de chine looks fabulous on your body. Flows and moves with you. One moment the color looks light and electric then morphs into shadows and mystery, evolving with your movement. The two pleats extending from the right neckline down to the asymmetrical ruffle in the front are coquettishly fun. The drop waist creates a blouson effect that is slimming and confidential. If you are thin you look more thin. Any type of figure looks more thin in a dress like this.

Come 10 p.m. I deduced she'd crashed the party. Alone. That was her thing. And she was very good at it.

I also noticed Claudette had changed her outfit yet seemed to be having the time of her life (with the woman in the coral pink, no less). One word came to mind…


The Legendary Blouson Dress (No. 4926). Vintage inspired pullover style dress. V-neckline. Below knee length. Bra keepers at shoulders. Fully lined. Imported.