Linen Trouser



Color: White
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Has Your Gait Changed?

Certain pieces facilitate the evolution of your walk—sarongs and batik tie pants transform it into something languid and sensual. White linen trousers also possess transformative power, but the attitude is different.  

Women of the tropics have known for centuries that there’s nothing like spending the day in the hot sun, taking a cold shower, slipping into airy white linen trousers, and standing on a balcony overlooking water as clear as a cloudless sky. Without doubt, this is best enjoyed sipping an authentic daiquiri—rum, sugar, the juice of a squeezed lemon or lime, always stirred with intent, then poured over ice.

After you’ve properly enjoyed the moment, you’ll throw your shoulders back the way Anita Eckbart might if she were being photographed by Nina Leen. There are places to be and a gait somewhere between strut and glide that is yet to be captured with words.  

White Linen Trousers (No. 6005). 100% linen. Fully lined in pure cotton. Waistband. Side zipper closure. Back welt pockets. Simple and striking. Imported.