Long Sleeve Hyannis Shirt



Color: Blue Grey
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You set different expectations at the beach house. Work just until noon, not a minute longer. Check in with London at 11, just to cover the bases.

It’s time to shrug off anything heavy. Fabric, weather, moods.

Half of what you brought with you is linen—this shirt, in both colors, for starters. Eleanor tells you she can almost tell time by whether you’ve got the sleeves rolled up or down, as temps fluctuate.

A good linen shirt has a tonic effect this time of year. More special than cotton. Cooler. More comfortable. Exceptionally restorative.

Extraordinarily cool. Confidently at ease, especially when worn untucked.

If summer had its own language, linen would do the translating. 

This is my take on it.

Long Sleeve Hyannis Shirt (No. 6650) in 100% Italian linen. Button-down shirt style. One chest pocket. Imported