Madras Patchwork Shirt



Color: Patchwork 1
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When you put on this shirt, you’re telling the world that you’re an idea man but you also know how to adjust the centerboard of the Krogen 38.

Proportion without precision. Symmetry without formality.

Seen in preppy port towns from Hyannis to Hilton Head and every island venue you can name.

Lightweight, breathable. People who know about such things will tell you this shirt looks even better the more you wear it.

Madras Patchwork Shirt (No. 7208). Same band collar styling as our JP Shirt but with full placket. Heritage-minded patchwork plaid madras created by the experts of Madras plaid (now in Chennai, India). Wood buttons. Made in India.


Beat the heat with the Short Sleeve Madras Patchwork Shirt