Madras Skirt


Color: Multi Pink
Product Details

Madras Moods.


The mood, lighthearted.

Sleeves, pushed up.

One single button, undone. Tempting.

The skirt, casually tailored, free-spirited. Might break free and run off with a
(deceptively) simple white T-shirt for the weekend and have an adventure or two.

Trade winds shift and you start speaking another language. Words like cool
and breathable become seasonal imperatives.

No other fabric translates better than madras.


Madras Skirt (No. J7249). 100% cotton patchwork madras skirt falls alluringly to
mid-calf. Invisible center back zipper. Two-inch waistband. Madras, named after the Indian city where it originated, was originally designed to interpret the Scottish regiment tartans. Three centuries later, Madras is known for its hot curries and cool fabrics. Traditionally made, exceptionally comfortable cloth for the heat, made in one of the hottest spots on the earth.