Martinique Linen Short



Color: Light Blue
Product Details

Martinique Blue.

It’s true.

When discussing volcanoes, what’s inside is very important. Quite combustible. Exceptionally hot. When it blows, you can’t take your eyes off it.

When discussing the wolf in sheep’s clothing. What’s inside is also very important. Extremely dangerous. Very seductive. Lots of teeth.

But the outside most certainly counts too.

A lot.

We never get to what’s on the inside unless we’re drawn to the outside first.

Take the wonderful, beautiful soul standing across the room. You can’t really see the soul. Sure, it may emanate out in the form of a smile or charisma, but what’s really catching your eye is the exterior. It could be the person’s hair or skin. The way they converse with their hands. Stunningly accurate take on foreign policy. The glamorous and eye-popping color they’re wearing.

We’ve designed this look from the outside to the inside and everywhere in between.

Let’s discuss…

Martinique Linen Short (No. 6453). Highwasted linen short with pressed front and back pleating. Two side pockets, Falls about an 1 1/2" above the knee. Belt loops. Finished seams. Imported.