Linen Hopsack Blazer

Linen Hopsack Blazer

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No. 7210
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Linen Hopsack Blazer

Regular price $280.00 $179.00

Smarten Up.

Remember the three-legged races at your elementary school’s field day?

Those hopsacks were constructed of jute and spun into threads so coarse they could sand rough-cut pine, not to mention tear up your legs. Indeed, there would be blood.

Somewhere along the way, the Italians discovered that an ultra-fine tropical linen in a durable hopsack weave works better than jute (not a shock).

Suddenly, blazers had more than just the polished elegance you’d expect to see at Hyannis or Saville Row—they had the added depth and texture of ruggedness.

You’ll find this jacket intellectualizes your masculinity. Smartens up your jeans, chinos, and Madras shirts. More than suitable for work, weddings, and casual excursions that border on the disreputable.

Linen Hopsack Blazer (No. 7210). Expertly cut and sewn using the finest Japanese linen from mill Nishida. Refined and textured hopsack weave, painstakingly (not an overstatement) developed for comfort and flattery, Three patch pockets with double-needle topstitching throughout, Soft shoulder for an unstructured fit, Corozo buttons, Buttonhole at lapel. No back vent. Unlined. Imported.