Men's Three-Season Duffel Coat

Men's Three-Season Duffel Coat

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No. 6422
Color: Tan

Men's Three-Season Duffel Coat

Regular price $559.00 $149.00

"...their finest hour."
—W. Churchill (1874-1965).


It was standard issue to British forces. Men were seen wearing wool duffel coats on the bows of ships on the North Sea, and at Scapa Flow; seen going into No. 10 Downing St. and not coming back out for days; seen getting into the backs of Daimlers; seen at Malta; seen at Sandringham, even.


Kennedy, over here, wore a duffel coat; the photographs show him in it, deep in thought, alone, walking the beach of Hyannis. What was he thinking? He wore a duffel coat sailing too, as any sane person would.


Duffel coats came with everything adversity required: hoods; toggles instead of buttons (easier to operate in severe cold);

densely thick protective sheltering; and lastly, character, lots of it.


Our reissued duffel coat supplies all that, with one key difference: it’s made of rugged cotton twill with a wool-blend zip-out lining, so you can wear it comfortably under mild conditions. coat for dealing with adversity, and good times too.

Men's Three-Season Duffel Coat (No. 6422). As described, with large flapped pockets, aged brass hardware, real horn toggles (handsome, actually easier to use than the original wooden ones).